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levittown links
Here are some links to other great sites about Levittown, PA...

Other Levittown, PA History Sites
Levittown, Pa. | Building the Suburban Dream
   Levittown 50th Exhibit Site by the PA State Museum
Levittown Relics
   by Tom Krawiec (personal history site)
Levittown, PA on Wikipedia Site (general info)
Raiders of the LOST LEVITTOWN
   by Tom Krawiec (personal website)
Levittown Memories
   by Margaret Hollenczer Spatafore (personal website)
   by Kevin Sylvester (about all Levitt built communities)

Levittown Revisited
   by Joan Klatchko (how the houses have changed)
1951: American dream houses, all in a row
    by the Trentonian

Levittown Leader
     Check out the Levittown Leader, our town's very own newspaper
     for and about Levittown, PA

Levittown Municipalities
Middletown Township
Bristol Township
Falls Township
Borough of Tullytown

School Districts Serving Levittown
Neshaminy School District
Pennsbury School District
Bristol  School District
Levittown Parochial Schools

Private site for the now closed Delhaas High

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